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Wunda chair

$1,060 - Exclusive of vat

It helps to do from simple motions to difficult ones. It’s a chair to correct posture of spine. It is easy to control strength by 9 level of spring.

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Product Description


Option for Wunda chair

Basic Option(Included)

– Spring ㅣ 4pcs

Additional purchase options

–  Balancing Stick


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T  E  X  T  U  R  E  &  C  O  L  O  R


After you select color from various colors to order, we will make it sincerely. You can select other colors besides the above recommended colors. Please consider that the color of fabric can be shown differently according to monitor specification or shooting lighting. Please ask us when the color is important.


We used strong and beautiful pattern of American ash tree and birth veneer for finishing, which are less distorted but strong and beautiful. Each product can have different color or pattern because they are natural raw materials.

INTOPILATES makes high-quality products based on wooden characteristics. You cannot select the wood separately.
You can select various skin colors of product.


Product details description

Equipment of intoPilates

Wunda chair

750(L)*560(W)*580(H) mm

It helps to do from simple motions to difficult ones. It’s a chair to correct posture of spine. It is easy to control strength by 9 level of spring.


S I N C E    2 0 0 7

The founder has a passion to stick to advanced design, reasonable price, uncompromising quality and customer service and we have not changed yet and will not in the future. INTOPILATES will upgrade your dignity.


INTOPILATES Co., Ltd. thinks safety first.


We maximized durability through numerous researches. Especially we try our best that our product doesn’t get into trouble in pilates studio, fitness center, hospital and etc.


We are making even tiny parts with the greatest care in consideration of your opinions and persistent developmental philosophy.


We improve the dignity to select best materials with various experts for the best products.

Delivery / Exchange / Return

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INTOPILATES provides direct delivery and installation service in all over Korea.

Delivery and installation charge is different depending on total purchasing price and where to deliver, so please check the below and make a purchase.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can I appoint the date and time of delivery?

– You can appoint the date and time of delivery by phone call. In the morning of delivery date, delivery manager will contact you. Delivery time will be different depending on delivery areas.

When you change your mind and request to change or cancel the delivery, you should make an application before at least 2 days from the delivery date (based on business hour) or before at least 4 days in rural areas. Customer Service Center

Business Hour: Mon ~ Fri(9:00am~ 18:00pm)


Q. Can you deliver products to rural areas?

– Yes, we can.


Q. How to install the equipment?

– INTOPILATES delivery manager will visit your place and install a product.


Q. When I have a problem while using a product, what should I do?

– Please contact INTOPILATES Customer Service Center and you will have quick and complete after service soon.

Please make sure to read this before a purchase!

• You may find color difference between the product on monitor and actual product due to monitor specification.
• When you make a purchase, please make sure check the above product brochure and the below delivery information.
• INTOPILATES has every copyright of all written in this product statements.
• We don’t take any responsibility to damages or accidents caused by your carelessness.
• Please don’t put heavy things on the product.
• When it is exposed to water, heat or other contamination constantly for a long time, it can cause the product distorted so please be careful.
• Please DO NOT take it apart and reassemble it for yourself.
• Some specifications and price of this product can be changed for quality and performance improvement and some products can be sold out early.
• When you move the product, do not drag or push it because it can cause damages but more than one person moves it horizontally.

Product Delivery Process

Checklist for Delivery!

• Free delivery for over 10 million KRW of purchasing price, the delivery charge (discuss) is imposed on less than 10 million KRW. (Oversea delivery needs to discuss the delivery charge)
• In case of large order, you need to organize to use elevator on installation date.
• Delivery period may takes 7~14 days in Korea and oversea delivery may take 14~ 21 days after confirming the order. (Delivery on holiday causes extra charge.)
• Delivery time is only from 10 AM to 17:30 PM. (Only in Korea)
• Delivery can be delayed when you give us wrong number, we are flooded with orders, we do not have sufficient quantities in stock temporarily or unusual weather or disasters happens.
• Delivery starts on the next day of ordering, so when you cancel it because you changed your mind, returning charge (10% of normal price) will be imposed.
• When you order from the afternoon on Friday (or in the afternoon on the day before holiday) to Sunday (Sat, Sun, holiday), the order will be check in the morning on the next business day and processed.
• Please provide a seat for the product before installation.
• When you change the delivery date for your personal reasons, it will be rearranged according to our delivery schedule.

When you make a purchase, please make sure to read the below.

Exchange/return is not available for your remorse or installation rejection on the day of installation or after installation due to features of equipment (installed product). (Excluded when the product is defected)
When the product is defected, we exchange the product 100% for free.
• Returning charge caused by cancellation and installation rejection is imposed on you and it is 10% of normal price.
• You cannot return the product when it is defected/loses its marketability by your carelessness or mistakes.
• When it is exchanged/returned by product defection, the process will be started after checking defected parts.
• In case of return/cancellation, please contact INTOPILATES Customer Service Center.

After Service Regulations

  1.  Warranty period is 2 years. (In case of defected product, you are provided free after service.)
  2.  Within the warranty period, after service is free and it will be charged after the period.
  3.  Service charge covers repairing charge+parts cost+travel expense and etc.
  4.  When the other company repairs our product and the quality is changed, it is defected by natural disasters, your faults or it is remodeled on your own despite in warranty period, the charge is imposed.
  5. In case of oversea purchase, please consider that it is difficult to provide after service.
  6. Free after service is available for 2 years after purchase.(Only for defected product not for customer’s mistake)

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-Notice about Copyright.

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Additional Information

Dimensions 750 x 560 x 580 mm
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Beogeondi, Black, Brown, Choco, Dark Grey, Khaki, Sand


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