When you have any question, please leave your question on 1:1 consultation board.

Until when I can select the desired delivery date after ordering the equipment?

You can select the desired delivery date when you order before at least 15 days.

When I can get the product delivered?

After ordering (selecting skin color) it can be delivered and installed within 14 days.

How much is the delivery charge? (In Seoul, metropolitan area, rural area, Jeju -do, highlands and islands)

For one set, it is delivered and installed for free and for less than one set, delivery charge will be imposed according to the area including Gyeonggi-do and rural areas. Delivery charge varies according to product volume and weight and you need to discuss it with our service center.

How big is the minimum space to put one set of equipment?

It needs at least 5.5 m2 for equipment and working area.

Can I have skin colors?

You can check skin colors as images files and when you request them, you can have samples by home-delivery service.

How many skin colors do you have?

You can find it on the website and we have total 7 colors for your choice.

Is there big color difference between the fabric shown on monitor and actual one?

It varies according to shooting angle and lighting in the studio.

How can I clean when the fabric is contaminated?

It needs regular cleaning and it is impossible to eliminate contaminations 100% due to material properties. When it gets dirty with cosmetics and sweats after working out, please clean it with facial cleansing foam.

How can I wash a wool strap?

It is impossible to wash it but we recommend you to dry clean if necessary.

How long does it takes to install it?

It takes maximum 2 hours to install one set and some times it takes more depending on the situation.

How can I have information about actual survey, delivery and installing charge?

You can ask to sales staff.   http://intopilates.net/contact-us/

02-466-9362 / 010-8604-3348 / 010-3279-3348

How can I ask for after service?

You can ask to sales staff.  http://intopilates.net/contact-us/

02-466-9362 / 010-8604-3348 / 010-3279-3348

How can I check the delivery date?

You can ask to sales staff.  http://intopilates.net/contact-us/

02-466-9362 / 010-8604-3348 / 010-3279-3348

When the product is defected, what should I do?

You can ask for after service on 1:1 consultation board or contact after service manager.

02-466-9362 / 010-8604-3348 / 010-3279-3348

Do you have warranty system?

When you make an purchase, warranty is given and free after service period is for 2 years after the purchase.

Can I see the actual product?

You can see it after scheduling with sales manager.

02-466-9362 / 010-8604-3348 / 010-3279-3348

What is a payment method?

You can pay by cash, credit card or take out a lease (from 10 million KRW).

Can you issue a cash receipt?

Yes, we can.

Is there any wall which spring board cannot fix on?

It is impossible to fix on mirror or glass.

How to solve the noise issue from spring?

When you post your writings on 1:1 consultation board, we will give you the solution.

02-466-9362 / 010-8604-3348 / 010-3279-3348

Can I select the the strength of spring?

It is not possible.