” INTOPILATES promises that we will become
No.1 company in global market beyond Korea. “

INTOPILATES Co., Ltd uses a customized production method, aiming to produce more fundamental pilates equipment. From wood to tiny bolt we pay particular attention to selecting materials to produce the best pilates equipment. We hope our pilates equipment enriches your life more and more.

Pilates is expanding its market not only for remedial exercise but also training in Korea. However, it needs some elements to become popular in reality. Expensive imported equipment is one of them and INTOPILATES contributes to popularization of pilates by supplying equipment smoothly. It is impossible without craftsmanship; in each process we produce products with all our soul and might and we make our efforts for customer satisfaction by constant after service.

INTOPILATES is the first company “only to produce pilates equipment in Korea”we produce and manage all products directly.

President Lee Myeong-gon


Management Ideology

Customers can manage their health care by customized equipment planned and designed by specialists of INTOPILATES.

Customer-oriented Management

We provide not only good products with perfect quality and quick service to all customers but also the best satisfaction in their life to understand their requirements in their side.

Quality-major Management

We put qualitative values first such as the best quality, effective business process, customer-oriented member’s qualification and etc.

Effective Management

We maximize the management efficiency through reasonable thoughts and active actions to enrich the society.


Company Values

The best staff, happy company, with customer, unique technology.

Realizing Customer’s Values

Through innovative technology and products, we realize the core values of customers.

Leading Innovative Technology

We are leading manufacturing technique of pilates equipment and building expertise.


We feel confident to make and provide products and equipment beyond customer’s expectation.


We keep the balance between values for customer, of customer and by customer.