General Information

Pride of Korean Pilates Equipment,
Company Specialized in Pilates Equipment INTOPILATES Co.

INTOPILATES Co., Ltd is specialized in pilates equipment production and improves the dignity
to select best materials with various experts for the best products.

Company Name INTOPILATES Co. CEO Lee Myeong-gon
Date of establishment 2007. 05 Major Products Pilates Equipment
Website www.intopilates.com Address 10th Fl. Rexmotors Building, 299-24, Seongsu-dong 2(i)-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul


We make efforts to aim at perfection in even hidden things.

INTOPILATES Co., Ltd uses a customized production method only in Korea, aiming to produce more fundamental pilates equipment.


INTOPILATES, to the world beyond Korea.

INTOPILATES keeps researching technically and makes investment in performance and design for each country, targeting the world wide market. We promise that we will provide the most excellent pilates equipment in the world.



INTOPILATES realizes our values in the world with passion for sustainable growth.
INTOPILATES aims to give you 100% satisfaction and trust.


Equipment Share Graph

This is a pilates equipment share graph in Seoul.

* Data source : INTOPILATES Planning office